Can Tho Floating Market Tours

For a long time, “market” seems to have become a indispensable habit in everyday pace of life to Vietnamese. Market story is about the rhyme revolves around fish, vegetables, meat, etc together with bargain voices creating boisterous noises featured Vietnam characteristics makes those who had once visited are forever remembered. If “Vietnamese market” have marked an unforgettable point forever to you, Vietnam Express Travel bet a “special” culture called “West floating market” will also surprise guests to enjoy more. Especially among which may be mentioned is the Can Tho Floating Market Tours – a discovery and experience trip.

Floating  market tours – must-try experiences in “white rice and clean water area”

If Northwest is mentioned due to its distinctive features of market-day (cho phien) which is cyclically opened along the love market for the couple to meet and get to know each other, the Southwest River area is paid attention due to its rustic characters floating market with full kinds of fruit trees and items.


Can Tho Tours is a long story containing many new things makes a sure that any travelers, who wants to learn about Asian culture, especially the Vietnam culture and the Mekong Delta culture, must try once. Have you ever tried the floating feeling on the waves and chosen to buy favorite items? Let experience that interesting things with Cai Rang and Phong Dien Floating Markets as your Mekong Delta Tours. The Floating Markets open from 5am to 10am is courted slowly, markets sell all sorts of fruits of water and rive area along the eye-catching fresh and dried specializes. You could also enjoy a breakfast in Southwest with coconut sweetness just from the floating markets.


Cai Rang floating market tours

There are 2 floating markets in Can Tho that anyone has ever heard of Cai Rang and Phong Dien. Cai Rang floating market is located in 6km Can Tho City center, if start from Ninh Kieu wharf, it is only 4km. This is the largest fruit wholesale market in Mekong Delta region concentrated traders from everywhere flocked to trade creating a bustling atmosphere. Seen from afar, Cai Rang floating market likes a floating city between the waves, wearing distinctive charms.

Phong Dien floating market tours

15km Can Tho City center, it is relatively farer than Cai Rang than the market, but this does not detract from the appeal of the Phong Dien floating market for international travelers. While Cai Rang is the wholesale market, Phong Dien have a richer items in the types of goods sold. Here there are  floating oil stations for convenient to pour for ships and boats traveling.


Western people are friendly and hospitable. Absolutely it is not too hard to start a story with traders here, if you want to learn more about the daily activities on floating day in waves with these floating markets. This is reason why the Wanderlust travel magazine has introduced Mekong Delta and Can Tho tours as one of top 8 most strange must-try trip in this year’s Christmas season

Vietnam Express Travel hopes this article will provide you with the most useful and interesting information on excursions to the West River and Can Tho floating market. Let go with your family and relatives to visit new land and culture; and experience something never thought to take the best moments as being young!

Can Tho Floating Market Tours


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