Let’s Gain Gastronomic Experience on Hue Street Food Tours

Hue – the city of royal elegance and tranquility hosts a spectacular beauty that features feudal architecture with many citadels and mausoleums, and appealing royal cuisine. In this article, Vietnam Express Travel leads you to discover diversity and liveliness of Hue cuisine on a Hue Street Food Tour. 

Hue Street Food highlights a tasty flavor and a sense of retrospection, as compared to the modern culinary styles of other cities like Ha Noi or Ho Chi Minh City.


Bun Bo Hue (Hue-style beef noodle) will be the best starter for your new day full of wonder in Hue City. Specially, this Hue indigenous noodle becomes so popular that you can come across it at a restaurant in any Vietnam’s tourist cities. As you may realize, when it comes to bún bò (beef noodle), the proper name Huế is inevitably attached to. The flavor of this noodle is extremely excellent, which comes to a conclusion that bún bò Huế served everywhere, from street eateries to luxurious restaurants, always tastes terrific. Taking a Hue tour, you’ll find yourself at a bún bò stall served by a street vendor to order a spicy hot fragrant bowl of bún bò that is fully dressed with beef and pork knuckles and other aromatic herbs, and with a next-to-nothing price. You’ll surely gain such a wonderful taste – Hue Street Food Tours


On the Hue street food tour, you’ll also experience rice mixed with mussels (cơm hến). This is one of popular dishes served at any place, from rural areas to big cities. The dish includes rice that is boiled and cooled, served with cooked mussels and appetizing fried pork rinds. Additionally, it’s also served with Hue shrimp paste that adds a tasty, spicy, acrid flavor, and a vegetable mixture of fresh vegetables, beansprouts, sliced banana buds, and ground taro. The dish is also dressed with peanuts that are fried in yellow cooking oil to earn a catchy look. Moreover, there is bún hến, a noodle with mussels, which also tastes quite delicious. Those specialties are best served at Cồn Hến, or at other street eateries along Tran Nhan Tong Street, near Tay Loc Market – Hue Street Food Tours

If you fancy street snacks, Hue Tour will satisfy your junk food appetite. This city abounds in dumplings like bánh bèo (steamed rice cake), bánh nậm (rectangular dumpling), bánh bột lọc (steamed clear tapioca cake), bánh ram ít (floating fern-shaped cake) and so forth; each of them retains their own special taste, and helps differentiate Hue street food tour from others. Specifically, bánh bột lọc tastes pretty tough and looks transparent as you can see the stuffed pinkish shrimp.  Hue Street Food Tours – Bánh ram ít tastes a little sticky at the upper part while its lower one gets fried crisply. Banh bèo looks sticky soft in a small round size, which is dressed with a smidgen of fried pork rinds. Especially, each of the cakes is served with their own fish sauce. You can enjoy those cakes in markets around Hue, or some eateries along Chi Lang Street, Dien Bien Phu Street, Nguyen Hue Street -Hue Street Food Tours


Hue Tours will also bring you to a paradise of sweet soups (chè). Touring Hue City streets or wandering around a night market located at the foot of Trang Tien Bridge, you will come across with several 20-dish sweet soup stands. Especially, there’s a special stall named Chè Hẻm that originally served desserts for the royal dynasty, so the soups there own the sophistication and refinement in preparing and dressing, which boosts the taste more gastronomically. As you go on Hue street food tour, don’t forget this very address.


With Hue food tour, you will find that street eateries in Hue City are always crowded from dawn to dusk. They seem quite simple with several plastic desks and chairs, but look clean and smart compared to others in Ha Noi or Ho Chi Minh City. It’s partly because of light traffic in Hue, and partly thanks to good care of sellers. Those street stands attract a lot of people in all ages and from all walks of life, including intellectuals, students, manual workers, motorbike taxi drivers, and so on. All of them like to stop at a sweet soup stall to enjoy themselves or even discuss their business. The prices seem ‘dirt-cheap’, and the taste is excellent. All of the aforementioned features altogether highlight the Hue street food tour to lure any visitors once they come to Hue.

Let’s Gain Gastronomic Experience on Hue Street Food Tours


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