10 must-do things on your Ho Chi Minh City Tour

Visiting some avenues for sightseeing of French colonial architecture and photographing, drinking a cup of coffee while sitting around in a park or trying appealing snacks, and so on, are typical activities featuring Ho Chi Minh City or intimately called as Saigon. There come top ten things to do in your Ho Chi Minh City tour recommended by Vietnam Express Travel.

  1. Sipping pavement coffee at dawn

Coming to Ho Chi Minh City tour, you must enjoy a cup of coffee while sitting on a pavement. As you stay there, you wind up cocking your eyes on the hustle and bustle crowd traveling on the streets, hearing some gossips about life, reading newspapers or doing some chitchat with your friends. These things sound interesting, don’t they ?


  1. Seizing awe-inspiring photos

Remember to photograph some places you’d visit because Saigon offers you plenty of beauty spots. If you have a passionate interest in old architecture, come to Cong Xa Paris, where the Notre Dame Cathedral, Saigon Central Post Office and Reunification Palace are located. Or if you love natural beauty like lush green fields, you should pay a visit to reed fields in District 7, Rock Lake (Thu Duc District) or lovely canals along Vo Van Kiet Avenue.

  1. Visiting iconic architectural structures

You should go on your Ho Chi Minh City tour to see and learn more about some typically French-style architectural buildings. They include the Notre Dame Cathedral, the Opera House, City Hall, Saigon Central Post Office, Nha Rong Port, War Remnants Museum.


  1. Hanging around and trying local snacks out

Well, street snacks abound in Saigon, which seems hard to count them all. The thing is you don’t have to search for any certain location. It’s a no brainer because the junk foodstuff is omnipresent, at almost every single street or alley you set foot in. Since Saigon’s snacks brim with multiple flavors and their prices are really reasonable, you don’t bother to stuff yourself with lots of them whilst hanging around the city.

  1. Shopping for bargain clothing

If you’re such a shopping fanatic, just browse some shopping hubs such as Nguyen Trai Night Market in District 5, Saigon Square, Taka Plaza. Coming there, you can freely shop around for fashionable clothes like trendy dresses or latest accessories with surprisingly reasonable prices. Now take your bag and drag stuff home – Ho Chi Minh City Tour


  1. Roaming about shopping malls

Your Ho Chi Minh City Tour would sound more interesting as you spend some time hanging out at several big shopping malls around the downtown. Don’t bother to buy anything if you don’t like, but fool around there for some fun. You don’t have to pay for window shopping, do you?

  1. Admiring the city from above

Bitexco Financial Tower (known as the Lotus Building) – the tallest skyscraper that defines the city skyline, offers you nice panoramic and spectacular city views. At night, it’s shining vividly with fancy lighting systems, captivating tourists’ eyes from every angle. Up high on the 49th floor, it sits an observation deck named Skydeck, from where you can feast your eyes over Saigon – Vietnam’s busiest and most populated metropolis, right under your feet – Ho Chi Minh City Tour


  1. Strolling down the backpacker area

It would be a twinge of regret if you didn’t make it to the backpacker area on your Ho Chi Minh City Tour. This has long been a residential hub for foreigners to linger and recently attracted youngsters in Saigon to gather for fun at night. You can feel a joy-filled atmosphere after ten in the evening and, in particular, at weekends. Don’t miss a chance to hang out sitting in a corner on Bui Vien Street, gulp some beer and enjoy yourselves in such delirious joy – Ho Chi Minh City Tour

  1. Shooting the breeze with friends at sitting coffee

The 30 – 4 Park is an ideal place for you to enjoy a cup of coffee sitting around with friends. Just take some pieces of newspaper provided by a coffee seller, pick a favorite place in the park, and order coffee or whatever soft drinks you like. There you are resting for a while and doing some chitchat with friends.  Moreover, you can join musical groups playing guitars, drums or mandolin and singing out loud. The air in the park smells fresh thanks to rows of huge tall trees which also provide lots of shades to retreat from the sun. Sipping some coffee, you end up spreading your eyes over the architectural clusters such as the Notre Dame Cathedral or Reunification Palace. The sitting coffee park marks your Ho Chi Minh City tour for sure. You don’t believe, huh? Let’s make a Vietnam Travel Tour and see – Ho Chi Minh City Tour

  1. Wandering in Saigon by night

You may feel tired and upset as Saigon during the day is sometimes sizzling hot. However, the city by night away from its smoking heat turns out to be gorgeous and glamorous with twinkling bubs and lights. Though the bustle and hustle life still goes on, it seems more enjoyable and lively as people amble down streets for fun, or gather in some café or restaurants. Particularly, taking a walk to some night markets at Ben Thanh Market or at Le Thi Rieng Park, or even rambling along Nguyen Hue Pedestrian Street, you can witness the mesmerizing ebb and flow of Saigon, which is another picture you’ll never forget on your tour. It is said Ho Chi Minh City is a city that never sleeps as its dwellers seem prone to be more active at night despite their busy day. Therefore, once setting foot in the city, remember to hang around and discover such a charming night.


10 must-do things on your Ho Chi Minh City Tour


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