Hoi An Food Tours – five “well-known” dishes in Hoi An Ancient Town

Hoi An translates as “peaceful meeting place”. In English and other European languages, the town was known historically as Faifo. This word is derived from Vietnamese Hội An phố (the town of Hội An), which was shortened to “Hoi-pho”, and then to “Faifo”. It is one of attractive places to international travelers in S letter of Vietnam land. Things make foreign tourists enjoy Hoi An Tours is perhaps its peaceful and taciturn landscapes. Hoi An for bring us feelings like being back in pastime and lost in a land of peace with yellow walls dotted some orchids dangling before the balcony. Hoi An cuisine is also a bright spo that makes travelers want to stay forever in this peaceful land.


  1. Caolau – Cao lầu 

Hoi An Food does not have too many dishes. However, once have the opportunity to enjoy the food of this ancient town, visitors will not be able to forget the characteristic flavor and tasty offered by its cuisine. Referring to Hoi An specialties, visitors certainly could not miss the name “Cao Lau” – an exotic dish with slightly fat and sweet taste of char siu meat – xaxiu (xá xíu) with chewy rice noodles. Especially the process of making exotic and fancy rice noodles is really elaborated: wheat flour is soaked overnight by burned-ash water from wood taken from Cham Island (Cu Lao Cham) and well water of Ba Le with no alum. Cao Lau is often served with thinly sliced cucumber and vegetables and rice papers with fried greaves – Hoi An Food Tours

  1. Quang noodles – miquang (Mì Quảng)

Considered the “soul” in Quang cuisine, come to Hoi An, you do not forget to enjoy the famous Quang noodles here. Quang noodles is different from Cao Lau, which is served with char siu meat, it is served with shrimp and quail eggs, and so on. Sometimes it also has Quang noodles with chicken. Specifically, in addition to vegetables, Quang noodles is also mixed with young banana flower, if not the special flavor of noodles will be reduced – Hoi An Food Tours


  1. Chicken rice – comga (Cơm gà)

In addition to the above two specialties, Vietnam Express Travel is very happy to suggest you a Vietnam-characterized traditional cuisine is chicken rice. This dish has flavor of sweet pearl of heaven combined with sweetness of bones. Sometimes it is delicious by boiled chicken or fried chicken. Mentioning this specialty, visitors may enjoy the brand “chicken rice made by Mrs. Buoi” – a chicken rice restaurant has been formed since 50s of the 20th century.  Vegetables are taken from Tra Que vegetable village to ensure the best quality.


  1. Dam cake – banhdap (Bánh đập)

If you are interested in the rustic and simple dishes, banh dap is a smart choice. Its materials are wet cake pressed inside the layers of rice papers (grilled dry pancakes). Sauce is fish sauce or soy sauce with chili slices. This wet cake flour is blended with spicy and salty taste from the sauce appears to be melted in the mouth with grilled dry pancakes. Many places also eat with sautéed mussels and rice paper.


  1. Sandwich -Bánh mỳ

Guests arriving in Hoi An Ancient Town undoubtedly have heard the famous brand names “Phuong’s sandwich ” and ” Madam Khanh’s sandwich” which are introduced by many foreign magazines. Sandwich is not only one in Hoi An, however, you can enjoy a new flavor of the bread comes from special savory sauce for the followers of cuisine, especially the snacks. Let try this affordable specialty of Hoi An ancient town – Hoi An Food Tours

Hoi An Food Tours – five “well-known” dishes in Hoi An Ancient Town


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