Into the Fairy Land on Da Nang – Ba Na Hill Odyssey

If you plan your tours to the central region of Vietnam, Da Nang – Ba Na Hills will the utmost destination you must visit. Regarded as a wonderland with a distinctive 4-seasonal climate, Ba Na Hill is a superb location of scenery that offers a magnificent backdrop for photography on your Da Nang tour. With its lush green forest and scenically fantastic landscape, Ba Na Hill is an earthly paradise captivating anyone who ever sets foot there.


As your Da Nang – Ba Na Hills tour embarks on, you wind up hanging around Nguyen Tat Thanh coastal street embracing Da Nang Bay. There comes an epic picturesque view of the ocean and Hai Van Pass (đèo Hải Vân) that is considered the borderline of the 2 parts of the country. Crossing over a spur of the Annamite Mountains or the Truong Son Mountain Range (dãy Trường Sơn) that emerges from the west and juts out into the East Sea (Biển Đông), Hai Van Pass depicts spectacular scenery over the seemingly endless sea. Facing the twisting pass, Son Tra Peninsula stands mighty impressively as a screen against storms for Da Nang City, and highlights a long curly strip of road over several famous rock beaches such as Bai But (Bãi Bụt), Bai Rang (Bãi Rạng), ect., where you can earn fabulous shots for your Da Nang tour. You also go past Tien Sa Port (cảng Tiên Sa) that leans itself onto the Son Tra Peninsula, and houses many 5 star cruise ships paying visits to Da Nang City every week.


The next destination in the touring agenda provided by Vietnam Express Travel is Dreaming Stream Station (Ga Suối Mơ) where you can take photos and enjoy musical water spray performances. Then you end up inside a cabin of Ba Na Cable Car System hovering in half way sky. This is the longest single cable system in the world, ranging from Moon Watching Hill (Đồi Vọng Nguyệt) to Ba Na Hill with over 5 kilometers in length, obtaining 2 Guinness records. Up that height surrounded by floating clouds, you are rewarded with stunning scenery of the vast forested Ba Na Nature Reserve, whilst feasting your eyes over Toc Tien Waterfall that comprises 9 mighty stages of water falling downward strikingly.

The journey through the cable car reaches Ba Na Station where you pay a visit to Ba Na By Night. There comes a 100 year old Debay Wine Cellar that includes 14 niches full of grape wines. Sitting at rest and enjoying some sips of French wine, you surely get warm despite the slightly cold weather upon Ba Na Hills.

As the tour goes on, you take a walk for 50 meters to reach a 27-meter-high Buddha statue located at the highest point in Southeast Asia. Coming along with the spiritual visit, you find your sorrows or fatigues vanishing into thin air as setting foot on Linh Ung Pagoda (Chùa Linh Ứng) that appears here and there in a mysterious floating blanket of fog over Ba Na Hills as if you’re in a fairy land away from the everyday hustle and bustle living world. Right behind Linh Ung Pagoda there is Loc Uyen garden and Quan Am Pavilion, where you hang around for a while before getting back to De Bay station for another cable car trip.


From there, your tour carries on to Ba Na – Nui Chua (Bà Nà – Núi Chúa). For those who seek fun, Fantasy Park – the biggest amusement park in Southeast Asia is such a paradise abounding in fun and adventure. Covered by the joy-filled atmosphere full of noise and excitements, Fantasy Park satisfies people of all ages with a diverse range of games such funny ones for kids and adventurous for adults. This is a unique theme park of Da Nang’s tourism in particular and Vietnam’s in general. Moreover, you lunch on your own at 3 major food courts that serve both Asian and Western cuisine. And of course you also shop plenty of stuff to bring home as gifts at souvenir stands scattering around there.

After lunch, you make it to the monument of Ba Na Hills. Right there, you visit Linh Chua Linh Tu temple (đền thờ Bà Lĩnh Chúa Linh Từ), in which you can pray for luck and health for your family and beloveds. Finally your Da Nang – Ba Na Hills odyssey ends as you get on the third cable car trip that itself gains 4 world records.

Such a Da Nang – Ba Na Hills tour offered by Vietnam Express Travel will absolutely bring you a host of memorable experiences of both spiritual and religious values as well as of amazing games and awesome cable car travel around such a scenic wonderland – Ba Na Hill

Into the Fairy Land on Da Nang – Ba Na Hill Odyssey


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